Group Instruction Rates

Semi Private Lessons: (2-4 students)

- Semi- Private 1hour…… $65.00 per student
- (5) 1hour…...
$275.00 per student

Intermediate & Beginner Private Small Groups: (4 – 8 students)

Bring your own group of golfers for an enjoyable customized lesson program, your Lesson schedule is personalized to accommodate the groups scheduling needs.

- (6) 1 hour group sessions & 3 hole playing lesson………. $265.00 per student

Group Golf Savings (6-8 students)

- (4) 1 hour group lessons....$165 per student
*Bonus Savings for each additional group program sign-up. Ask Margie for details…

Junior Groups (3-8)
Schedule your junior group to fit your busy schedule; the program will work to accommodate your scheduling needs. Lessons will cover full swing and short game techniques, game building concepts, golf etiquette and equipment needs.

- (1) hour program. . . . $45 per student

- (6) 1 hour program. . . . $250 per student
- (8) 1 hour program . . . . $300 per student
- Semi- Private (2 juniors) 1hour . . . .
$65 per student
- (5) 1 hour lessons . . . .
$250 per student

Family Program $699
“Great fun for the whole family learning golf while spending time together”

For all golfing family’s who are striving to develop their golfing skills. This program will provide swing correction with emphasis on the fundamentals and keys to your swing, short game score improvement techniques and on course development. . Golf game building concepts, injury prevention techniques, golf etiquette knowledge & equipment guideline help will be covered.

- (12) ˝ hr. lessons to share
- Video lesson time
- Playing instructional lessons included

Payment: Please Checks payable to..
Margie Muzik
One Pebblewood Trail
Naperville, IL 60563


Pricing does not include facility fee for range balls or dome time.

Cancellation Policy: 48 hour prior to lesson, student charge of half the hour rate of $120 will apply for same day cancellation and full rates will apply for no-shows. Credit Card billing will be applied.

No Refunds available…all lessons must be completed in the time frames scheduled at the start of program outlines.