Margie Muzik

• Top Best LPGA Teachers 2008 -2009
• Nominated Illinois PGA Teacher of the year 2004
• Participated in the 1988 U.S. Women's Open
• 2 Time Champion of the Illinois Women's State Championship
• Participated in the 1988 -89 NCAA Championships

Margie Muzik has 30 years of golf experience; she was formerly a touring playing professional on many of the women’s elite golf tours internationally & throughout the United States. Her extensive playing career lead to numerous top professional finishes and championship awards. Margie is a 16 year veteran LPGA Teaching Professional and a member of the PGA of America.

Margie is a Golf Specialist, developing training programs for many premiere golf facilities in Chicago, and is the owner and founder of the “Women To Women Golf School Inc” providing golf educational schools, seminars, and adventure trips for women golfers.

A native of Naperville, IL and a graduate from the University of Kentucky as a scholarship athlete receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication.

Ms. Muzik is also an accomplished martial artist in Hapkido (3rd Dan). Margie’s teaching style is unique, because she incorporates the strengths of different fields including professional competitive golf, martial arts, meditation and fitness into her golf instruction.

LPGA Top 50 Best Golf Instructors 2008

Nominee for Illinois PGA teacher of the year 2004

Call Margie at 630.926.3636 or send her a message through the Contact form.


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