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Women's Golf SchoolWomen to Women Golf School Inc.

“Golf for Women Taught by Women Professionals”

Full Swing Schools, Short Game Schools & Combination Schools, Corporate Team Building with Golf, 1 day & ˝ day mini schools and 2/3 day schools.

Destination Trips at Napa Valley, CA….Arizona….Costa Rica….Hawaii…Savannah, GA

Women Golf School ImageWomen To Women Golf Schools are about helping women enjoy the learning process of a very complex sport, "GOLF." We want women to enjoy themselves in this exclusive environment that has inspired so many others for centuries.

Our school is about leading you through the world of golf in a way that is rewarding, enlightening and fun. The programs have been designed with a non-competitive atmosphere in mind and small intimate group sizes to help you enjoy learning golf with your friends and peers. All schools have a 4:1 student/teacher ratio. Visit and find out how you can begin enhancing your golf game!

Margie MuzikLPGA Member / PGA Member LPGA Top 50

- Golf Specialist / Instructor
- Top 50 LPGA Instructor 2008
- LPGA Member / PGA Member
(630) 926-3636

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Margie Muzik
One Pebblewood Trail
Naperville, IL 60563

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Why Take Golf Lessons

Most people believe that practice makes perfect. How you practice golf on a regular basis absolutely reflects your golf game. Only quality practice with golf swing and game improvement goals makes perfect.

If you're not at the level you wish to be, you must change and start learning how to become efficient with your golf techniques to achieve your desired consistency and level of improvement.

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